Bishin Singh’s Cremation In Adelaide Made History In 1903

By: Preetinder Singh (Grewal) Australian history consists of 150 years of distinct and significant contribution from the Sikh community in shaping the present cultural and social landscape of Australia. While exploring Adelaide’s historical connections to the Sikh community, the Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, Mr Robert Pitt

1984 – The Semantics of Genocide And The Bugbear Of Khalistan

By: Sarabpreet Singh 04/19/2017 On December 26, 2014, The Union Home Minister of India, Rajnath Singh visited Tilakvihar, a poor and blighted neighborhood in Delhi, also known as The Widow Colony where the wives and children of Sikhs who were murdered in 1984 had been settled. Speaking about the violence that

The Struggle Of The World’s Oldest Hunger Striker

“The Struggle of the World’s Oldest Hunger Striker” tells the story of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa (born March 7, 1933) through the voices of his family and activists who helped introduced his struggle to the English-speaking world. On February 2015, explaining his reasons for going on hunger strike, Khalsa stated:

His Identity As Sikh A Battle Worth Winning

Maj. Kamaljeet Singh (Kalsi) stood backstage at the Democratic National Convention, watching through tears as the parents of a fallen Muslim-American soldier delivered a powerful message about sacrifice and the dangers of discrimination. By: Todd South As a Sikh, Singh does not share the Muslim faith of Khizr and Ghazala

The Missing Voice of Sikh Women

By: Jaswinder Kaur (Kalsi) Without a doubt religion and politics cannot be separated in Sikhi or Sikh history. Born out of social inequality, oppression and forced conversion of minorities – a religious and political ideology has indeed been a chief characteristic and driving force of the Sikh panth. What however,

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