Dastaar: A Short Film

Written Directed & Edited by JAVIAN ASHTON LE Produced by MIMI JEFFRIES and JOSEPH MAZZELLA Starring SATHYA SRIDHARAN (imdb.com/name/nm6886664) OLIVIA GILLIATT (imdb.com/name/nm6406747) MOTI MARGOLIN (imdb.com/name/nm2463380) ANDREW MACLARTY (imdb.com/name/nm3908931) PAUL KARAMJEET S. SELHI JOHNATHAN TCHAIKOVSKY (imdb.com/name/nm1705158) KRISTIN DEVLIN Photographed by RAY LEVÉ Costume Design by JESSICA HARRISON Co-Produced by JD SINGH

L-Fresh the Lion: They haven’t seen someone like me in Australian entertainment

By: Craig Mathieson When Sukhdeep Singh was growing up in Sydney’s south-western suburbs, he struggled to understand his place in the world. Born and raised in Liverpool and then Campbelltown, the oldest son of Sikh immigrants from India’s Punjab region, the 14-year-old felt divided between his extended family’s heritage and

Book Review: Civil Rights in Wartime – The Post 9/11 Sikh Experience

Book: Civil Rights in Wartime – The Post-9/11 Sikh Experience Author(s):  Dawinder Singh Sidhu & Neha Singh Gohil Published:  (2009) [214P] ISBN:978-0-7546-7553-2 www.ashgate.com Reviewed by: S. Kavneet Singh The authors Dawinder Singh (Sidhu) and Neha Singh (Gohil), are both activist attorneys who have done a yeoman’s job of coming out

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