Poetry: 47 by Jaspreet Kaur

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Poem: 47 by Jaspreet Kaur Let’s talk about that year. That year that led our soil to be rich with tears. And as it appears, the judgment has been made. They’ve paid the price for their faith. Musulman there, Hindu-stan here and Sikhs, well, they can go anywhere? Forget your

From Partition to Southall – Healing Punjabi Pain Through Film

By: Harwinder Singh (Mander) With 2017 commemorating seventy years since the Partition of Punjab and the creation of the Indian and Pakistani states, British institutions have been exploiting the anniversary to reap remuneration from the brown pound. It is in this context that the British Film Institute (BFI) has been

Echoes Of Mutiny – Interview With The Creator, Deep Hundal

support the project by donating whatever you can to help this brilliant idea go forward. To donate or for more information on the project, click here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1033862513/echoes-of-mutiny.      Deep Hundal (pictured) is the imaginative soul behind ‘Echoes of Mutiny’, a graphic novel project crowdsourcing funds through the Kickstarter

Something Is Missing From Gurdas Maan’s ‘Punjab’

By: Harwinder Singh (Mander) Punjabi social media went in to overdrive following the release of a new music video by legendary Punjabi singer and lyricist Gurdas Maan. ‘Punjab’ as the track is titled is the first release from Maan’s upcoming album, also titled ‘Punjab’, and surprised many with its stark

Dastaar: A Short Film

Written Directed & Edited by JAVIAN ASHTON LE Produced by MIMI JEFFRIES and JOSEPH MAZZELLA Starring SATHYA SRIDHARAN (imdb.com/name/nm6886664) OLIVIA GILLIATT (imdb.com/name/nm6406747) MOTI MARGOLIN (imdb.com/name/nm2463380) ANDREW MACLARTY (imdb.com/name/nm3908931) PAUL KARAMJEET S. SELHI JOHNATHAN TCHAIKOVSKY (imdb.com/name/nm1705158) KRISTIN DEVLIN Photographed by RAY LEVÉ Costume Design by JESSICA HARRISON Co-Produced by JD SINGH

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