Courts Find No Proof Indian Army Tried To Spare Civilians During 1984 Massacre

Report by Surjit Singh Here we share a news story from India about the Punjab government having to compensate 40 Sikhs due to findings that there is no evidence to show the Indian army asked civilians to leave the Harmandir Sahib complex during the infamous Operation Bluestar attack in 1984.

Bishin Singh’s Cremation In Adelaide Made History In 1903

By: Preetinder Singh (Grewal) Australian history consists of 150 years of distinct and significant contribution from the Sikh community in shaping the present cultural and social landscape of Australia. While exploring Adelaide’s historical connections to the Sikh community, the Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, Mr Robert Pitt

Canada Puts Human Rights First And Deports Former Indian Police Inspector

The government of Indian has had it’s feathers ruffled as a former Inspector General of the CPRF (Central Reserve Police Force) was forced to return to India, reportedly due to having a served a government that engages in “terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide”. The bold and

Trinity Anglican Church Hosts Discussion on Religious Persecution In India

When the Rev. Dr. James Mariner of Trinity Anglican Church in Marysville, CA, USA welcomed Indian human rights advocate Dr. Manisha Bangar to speak on Saturday, he admonished the congregation: “We should understand the religious persecution of any community is an important issue, and one we should not take lightly.”

FIBA Finally Allows Turbans And Hijabs On The Court

By: Lalit K Jha Top American lawmakers and the Sikh-Americans have hailed the basketball governing body FIBA for reversing a controversial ban on religious headgear, which would allow professional players to play wearing the turban and the hijab during competition. The announcement made by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) yesterday is

3 Years In Prison For A Hate Crime Against A Sikh

By: Don Clyde, Julie Small, and Tara Siler Two men pleaded no contest to felony assault charges with hate crime enhancements on May 18th, for beating a Sikh man in Richmond last September. Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Patricia Scanlon sentenced each to three years in prison. Colton Leblanc

The Struggle Of The World’s Oldest Hunger Striker

“The Struggle of the World’s Oldest Hunger Striker” tells the story of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa (born March 7, 1933) through the voices of his family and activists who helped introduced his struggle to the English-speaking world. On February 2015, explaining his reasons for going on hunger strike, Khalsa stated:

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