Paradise Canyon 3rd-grade Class Learns Of Sikhi

By: Sara Cardine Pradise Canyon Elementary students in Mickey Block’s third-grade class expanded their horizons Wednesday, when family members of classmate Gurdaas Singh paid a visit and led a turban-tying demonstration. Mom Bhupinder Kaur acquainted kids with the family’s Sikhism, a religion based on equality, honesty and sharing. The culture

The Sikh Running The The University of California’s Endowment Machine

By: Michael McDonald  Jagdeep Singh (Bachher) has turned around the state university system’s $110 billion fund by ruthlessly cutting fat. Jagdeep Singh (Bachher) stands out among chief investment officers. First there’s the headwear. Jagdeep is a practicing Sikh, and the turban he wears, whether orange, red, or baby blue, is always

A Stand Against Bigotry And Violence

By: Kamal Singh (Kalsi) Kamal S. Kals is an emergency room doctor and a U.S. Army officer who has served in the military for 16 years. He also serves as a member of Truman National Security Project’s Defense Council. The opinions expressed above are his alone.  When driving home last

Banana Farmers Innovate New Steps To Keep Struggling Farms Alive

By: Preetinder Singh (Grewal) Sikh banana farmers from Woolgoolga – Coffs Harbour area are fast transitioning into becoming successful greenhouse vegetable producers. The declining banana industry forced local farmers to look at other options including blueberry and ‘hot house’ vegetable production. The Sikh settlement in Woolgoolga – Coffs Harbour area is one of

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