Urban Institute Selects Manmeet Kaur for the Janice Nittoli Fellowship

The one-year fellowship pairs practitioners with Urban researchers to answer questions about inequality and advance evidence-based solutions WASHINGTON, DC – The Urban Institute has selected Manmeet Kaur, executive director and founder of the Harlem-based community health organization City Health Works, for the inaugural Janice Nittoli Practitioner Fellowship. Funded by the

Midwest Sikh Community Hosts Honorary Dinner For Pal Singh Purewal

By: Suresh Bodiwala Chicago IL: Midwest witnessed a historic evening when Sardar Pal Singh (Purewal) addressed the audience speaking about the Nanakshahi calendar he had designed. The event took place at Ashyana Banquets, 75th Street Downers Grove, IL and was organized by Mr. Amardev Singh (Bandesha) and Mr Sarwan Singh,

Feed The World Love, Not Hatred

By: Ayesha Banerjee In a fast polarizing world, with inward-looking countries closing borders and racially motivated crimes on the rise, young Sikh students in British city Birmingham, on Thursday, gave out a message of hope and love – and it was delicious! Birmingham City University (BCU) Students Union and its Sikh

A Chat With Jagmeet Singh

By: Clement Nocos Photographs by: Arkan Zakharov Meet the man who just might be the new face of Canada’s New Democratic Party. Jagmeet Singh looks the way you hope a progressive politician would. Recently, BuzzFeed anointed him the “most stylish politician in Canada by like a million kilometers.” He’s the first turban-wearing

Sikh Employee Granted Permission to Wear Kirpan at Work in London

A Sikh employee has been permitted to wear the Kirpan in the workplace of an international telecommunications company based in the City in London following initially being refused to right to wear it on ostensible security grounds. The individual had taken the momentous decision to take Amrit (become initiated/take admission to become

Santa Monica Sikh New Age Group White Sun beats Enya, Vangelis and Others to Win Grammy

By: Randall Roberts The Santa Monica-based trio White Sun has a curious, only-in-L.A. backstory, having been co-founded by Adam Berry, best known in the biz for his four seasons as the music director for the animated show “South Park.” They can add “Grammy-award winning” to that biography. The group bested a competitive field

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