Sikhs Stand In Solidarity With Muslims After Minnesota Terror Attack

As worshipers prepare to rebuild the heavily damaged Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Minneapolis, worshipers from all faiths, from all parts of the country, are coming out to defend their Muslim brothers and sisters. “We sent a letter to the Imam and a message of support on social media, letting

Maharani Jind Kaur & Queen Victoria – A Tale Of Two Queens

By: Dr. Jaspreet Kaur (Bal) July marks the launch of the long awaited The Black Prince, the on-screen telling of the life of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, and his struggle with Queen Victoria’s rule. Interestingly, a second movie is being released later in the fall,

Alteration Of Kirpan By Italian Government DENIED By Sikh Body

On July 27th, Giani Gurbachan Singh and other SGPC secretariat denied the modification of the Kirpan as suggested by the Italian Government. While talking to the media, after the three hour meeting, Gurbachan Singh stated that the model of the Kirpan proposed by the Italian Government was not in accordance

Official Files Released Suggest British Army Had Direct Involvement In 1984 Sikh Genocide

On July 20th more than 2,000 Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Cabinet Office records were released to the National Archives. The release of FCO files from 1985 reveals the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army, General Vaidya who planned Operation Blue Star in June 1984 received a confidential briefing from

First Sikh Elected Official In New Jersey Looks To Uplift Community In Mayoral Bid

By: Claire Tran During his first campaign for Hoboken City Council in 2009, Ravinder Singh (Bhalla) knew his turban and beard would not go unnoticed. But the 44-year-old New Jersey native expressed he was determined to not let his identity become a liability, and instead focus on the issues. The citizens

Harmanpreet Kaur Dedicates Cricket Performance To 1984 Genocide Victims

*Note: Sikh Resource Society categorically refutes the language calling 1984 Sikh genocide as ‘riots’. Though this language has become common place as a reflection of the Indian media narrative, it does not accurately portray the horrific scale of the slaughters which took place across India. As the world’s attention fell

Is India Attempting To Destabilize Canadian Campaign Of Jagmeet Singh

By: Gurpreet Singh Federal NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh is getting reports that the pro-India lobby in Canada is trying to dissuade people from getting involved in his campaign. Talking to Straight during his Vancouver tour, Singh said he’s learned from his supporters that people within the South Asian community are often discouraged from

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