Karanveer Singh, a Voorhees Middle School Graduate Speaks to Eighth Graders About Bullying

By: Julie Shannon Karanveer Singh (Pannu) wrote a book detailing his experiences with bullying growing up and he talked to students about his Sikh religion and how he dealt with and overcame bullying. Growing up, Karanveer Singh dealt with constant bullying because of his Sikh religion. The Voorhees resident and

Coming Soon to the U.S. Army: Turbans, Beards, Hijabs, and Cornrows

By: Emma Green In the final days of the Obama administration, the military has issued new guidelines for religious accommodations and dress. The Army has issued a new regulation: Effective immediately, brigade-level commanders will be able to grant accommodations to servicemen and women who wear beards, turbans, or hijabs for

Jagmeet Singh & NDP – Torchbearers For Helmet Exemption in Ontario

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Jagmeet Singh, Deputy Leader of the Ontario province’s New Democratic Party and Andrea Horwath, the party leader, have continued to ardently campaign for a Sikh helmet exemption in Ontario. Whilst Sikhs are currently allowed to ride without helmets in British Colombia and Manitoba, the province of Ontario has still not made

On Christmas, Sikhs Turn Santa for the Homeless in London

By: Ishleen Kaur Neon snowflakes and twinkling fairy lights hang all over the Oxford Street in central London. Hundreds of tourists throng Harrods and Selfridges, which call out to those passing by with their Christmas-themed window displays. London is decked up for Christmas and how! Not for nothing is this

Sikh Police Officers in New York Will Be Able to Wear Beards and Turbans

By: Ashley Southall In a nod to the growing number of South Asian Sikhs in New York City, the Police Department said on Wednesday that it would allow officers who belong to the religion to wear beards and turbans while in uniform — as long as the turbans are blue.

Hospitals Respecting Faith

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By: Gurmit Kaur Being in a hospital is a time when we are the most vulnerable. We can find ourselves away from people who care about us and understand our values and beliefs.  Sometimes those values and beliefs can differ from the mainstream. Although as humans we are essentially a

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