French Tourists Stranded In Mumbai Floods Given Shelter By Gurdwara

“One of our worst experiences in India turned (out) to (be) one of our best and we learnt a lot from you,” read the thank you postcard, written by Arie and Sophie Boleswaski and their three daughters to Dadar Gurudwara. The French tourist family stuck in Mumbai floods on Tuesday

Naureen Kaur Representing US At the UN Human Rights Summit

By: Naureen Kaur I just came back from a week in New York City, and although I am still jet-lagged and recovering, I am truly still on cloud 9 with this whole experience. Many of you have been asking for me to share my experiences at the summit, and I

Sikhs Send A Truck Load Of Food For Williams Lake And Area Wildfire Victims

By: Gaeil Farrar The congregations of five Sikh temples in the Lower Mainland came together this week to donate a truck load of food and other supplies for wildfire victims in the Williams Lake region. Mayor Walt Cobb said he received a call from former lakecity resident Gian Singh that

Spanish Sikhs Speak On Barcelona Terror Attack

A native Spaniard and Amritdhari (initiated) Sikh called for unity between the Spanish and Sikh communities, in the wake of August’s terror attack in Barcelona. Partapdev Kaur, spoke out in condemnation of the attack, whilst also dispelling the commonly made mistaken association between the Sikh identity and terrorism. See the video

Sikhi To Be Included in Tennessee Public School Standards

By: Agnes Constante The Tennessee State Board of Education earlier this month approved new social studies standards that, for the first time ever, include Sikhism — a decision Sikhs viewed as a victory in combating bias, discrimination, and violence against the Sikh community. “This is a good step forward,” Rajdeep Singh,

Victimized Because Of Their Sikh Appearance

By: GP Singh The events of 9/11 inflicted a terrible injury on our nation, and many years later, that wound has festered with terrible infections: hate, intolerance, suspicion and xenophobia. As a turban-wearing Sikh, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of this firsthand — and so have my friends and

From Partition to Southall – Healing Punjabi Pain Through Film

By: Harwinder Singh (Mander) With 2017 commemorating seventy years since the Partition of Punjab and the creation of the Indian and Pakistani states, British institutions have been exploiting the anniversary to reap remuneration from the brown pound. It is in this context that the British Film Institute (BFI) has been

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