Sikhs Call For Action On The Anniversary of The 1984 Genocide

  TENS OF THOUSANDS TO CALL FOR ACTION ON ANNIVERSARY OF SIKH GENOCIDE   British Sikhs will renew calls for an independent public inquiry Recognition of the killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984 as a Genocide requiring a UN-led investigation Recognising and accepting the Sikhs right to self determination   Tens

Breaking News: Sikh24 Censored In India

Indian authorities have blocked Sikh24 social media pages, including Sikh24’s Facebook page on Thursday. Users report that some internet service providers do allow the sites, while most in the north-western states, such as Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir have blocked Sikh24 completely. While still spottily enforced, the blocking has seemed to

June 5th 1984

In contradiction of the Government White Paper issued on July 10th 1984 which claims that “the troops exercised great restrain and refrained from directing any fire at Harmandir Sahib” (paragraph 10), Citizens for Democracy records the evidence of Harcharan Singh Ragi, who witnessed his guardian and mentor – the old,

Indian Police Murders Sikh Youth and Imposes Curfew In Jammu

JAMMU, India (June 4, 2015)—A Sikh youth named Bhai Jagjit Singh was killed in police firing during a protest over removal of a poster of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in Jammu on Thursday. The firing also left two more Sikh youth injured seriously. Meanwhile, a red alert has been sounded

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