BJP Is Intolerant of Minority Religions in India

  CHANDIGARH, Punjab (June 9, 2015)—In a statement, Jathedar Balwant Singh Nandgarh has stated that the communal Bharatiya Janata Party cannot tolerate the existence of minority religions in its regime.  He said that while BJP has continued its attacks on Muslims and Christians directly, the pro-Hindutva organization was looking to eliminate the existence of Sikhs

June 9th 1984

Jodhpur Detainees After the Sikh resistance had been overcome, only a few snipers remained. Following the execution of pilgrims, immediately after the main battle, those that survived were rounded up, detained by the Army and charged as terrorists: “379 of the alleged ‘most dangerous terrorists’ were forced to sign a

50,000 Sikhs March Through London In Remembrance Rally

An estimated 50,000 Sikhs marched through London to remember the 1984 massacre at Sri Harmandar Sahib. Balbir Singh Bains, CEO of Sikh Relief, said: “I remember vividly the call from our family in India informing us that our holiest place of worship, Sri Harmandir Sahib, had been attacked and worshipers

10,000 Sikhs March for Freedom in San Francisco

  SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA (June 9, 2015)—Sikhs from all over California held a massive rally at the San Francisco Civic Center yesterday.  An estimated 10,000 showed solidarity and marched seeking freedom of Punjab, the Sikh homeland.  The rally in form of a nagar kirtan was organized to pay tributes to

SGPC Task Force Attacks Youth For Wearing Bana

It comes to light that the 31 Sikh youth were arrested inside the Darbar Sahib (Harmadar Sahib) complex by the SGPC task force for nothing more than wearing the Guru’s Bana. The youth stated that the SGPC’s task force, without provocation, attached them just because they were wearing full Bana and in

June 8th 1984

Fighting For Faith and Nation: “Bands of Sikh horsemen were to be seen riding at full gallop towards Amritsar, running the gauntlet of Mohammadan troops. The message would be sent round the distant villages, “who will ride tonight?” Death was a martyr’s crown on such occasions.” Description of Sikh rebels

US Congresswoman Lofgren Recognizes Sikh Genocide and Indian Political Prisoners

  Lofgren requests Congress ask for release of Surat Singh Khalsa and remember victims of 1984 genocide WASHINGTON DC, USA (June 7, 2015)—In remarks delivered in the U.S. House of Representatives on June 3, the 31st anniversary of a disastrous Indian government assault on the Sikh Golden Temple, Congresswoman Zoe

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