Sikhs Launch Free Vegetarian Food Truck In Melbourne

An orange and navy blue truck seen plying on the streets of Melbourne has emerged as a source of free vegetarian food for everyone. Started by Khalsa Foundation Australia, takes its inspiration from the popular ‘langar’ (community kitchens). Sporting a message saying, ‘Guru Nanak’s Langar, No more hunger’, the truck

A Sikh, A Transgender Woman, and 2 Others vie To  Take On The Ultra Conservative In Virginia

By: Antonio Olivo Outspoken and often far-right enough to bewilder even some of his fellow Virginia Republicans, Del. Robert G. Marshall has been a constant target of aggressive Democratic challenges since he first won his Prince William County district in 1992. This year, amid a massive push by Democrats to

Hate & Discrimination Are Not Acceptable In A Civilized Society

In February, I was honored to rise in Canada’s House of Commons to speak on the issue of systemic racism and religious discrimination. This conversation is long overdue and vital to ensuring that we continue to build a nation that chooses diversity over division. Sikhs are often confused for Muslims

Sikh Couple Denied Chance To Adopt White Child

By: Matthew Weaver and Kevin Rawlinson Sandeep and Reena Mander recently initiated a legal case against Adopt Berkshire, the official adoption agency of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead which they claim advised them not to apply. The agency allegedly told the couple that only white children were currently

Courts Find No Proof Indian Army Tried To Spare Civilians During 1984 Massacre

Report by Surjit Singh Here we share a news story from India about the Punjab government having to compensate 40 Sikhs due to findings that there is no evidence to show the Indian army asked civilians to leave the Harmandir Sahib complex during the infamous Operation Bluestar attack in 1984.

Bishin Singh’s Cremation In Adelaide Made History In 1903

By: Preetinder Singh (Grewal) Australian history consists of 150 years of distinct and significant contribution from the Sikh community in shaping the present cultural and social landscape of Australia. While exploring Adelaide’s historical connections to the Sikh community, the Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, Mr Robert Pitt

Canada Puts Human Rights First And Deports Former Indian Police Inspector

The government of Indian has had it’s feathers ruffled as a former Inspector General of the CPRF (Central Reserve Police Force) was forced to return to India, reportedly due to having a served a government that engages in “terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide”. The bold and

Trinity Anglican Church Hosts Discussion on Religious Persecution In India

When the Rev. Dr. James Mariner of Trinity Anglican Church in Marysville, CA, USA welcomed Indian human rights advocate Dr. Manisha Bangar to speak on Saturday, he admonished the congregation: “We should understand the religious persecution of any community is an important issue, and one we should not take lightly.”

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