Labour MP, Virendra Sharma’s, Inaccurate Claims on Jagtar Singh ‘Jaggi’ Case

On January 11th Southall’s Labour party MP Virendra Sharma discussed the case of Jagtar Singh – Scottish born human rights advocate detained and tortured without charge in India – on a BBC Punjab news show. During this interview, many inaccurate and misleading statements were made about the case. Below is a transcription of the

Naureen Kaur Representing US At the UN Human Rights Summit

By: Naureen Kaur I just came back from a week in New York City, and although I am still jet-lagged and recovering, I am truly still on cloud 9 with this whole experience. Many of you have been asking for me to share my experiences at the summit, and I

Canada Puts Human Rights First And Deports Former Indian Police Inspector

The government of Indian has had it’s feathers ruffled as a former Inspector General of the CPRF (Central Reserve Police Force) was forced to return to India, reportedly due to having a served a government that engages in “terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide”. The bold and

The Struggle Of The World’s Oldest Hunger Striker

“The Struggle of the World’s Oldest Hunger Striker” tells the story of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa (born March 7, 1933) through the voices of his family and activists who helped introduced his struggle to the English-speaking world. On February 2015, explaining his reasons for going on hunger strike, Khalsa stated:

For Sikh Canadians, Ontario’s Genocide Motion Was Courageous And Unifying

By: Amneet Singh (Bali) Earlier this month, in a historic move demonstrating commitment to democracy and human rights, the Ontario Legislature passed a motion to recognize the 1984 anti-Sikh violence as genocide. The term genocide is politically charged and because of this it is rarely used. But, in this instance,

Art Exhibition on Human Rights Activist Bapu Surat Singh A Huge Success

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”11″ gal_title=”Art4Justice London Exhibit”] An art exhibition took place at Menier Gallery in London from 1 August to 6 August, 2016 showcasing work inspired by human rights campaigner Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa. Bapu Surat Singh is an 83-year-old lifelong human rights activist who is currently on hunger strike in

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