It Is Time For Boys To Be Men

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By: Anonymous Kaur Anonymous Kaur is sick of the expectations that an “ideal wife” should look and act a certain way to be deemed a worthy woman. She is sick of men claiming to support women’s rights and then when push comes to shove, hide away. She is sick of

The Sikh Running The The University of California’s Endowment Machine

By: Michael McDonald  Jagdeep Singh (Bachher) has turned around the state university system’s $110 billion fund by ruthlessly cutting fat. Jagdeep Singh (Bachher) stands out among chief investment officers. First there’s the headwear. Jagdeep is a practicing Sikh, and the turban he wears, whether orange, red, or baby blue, is always

Naureen Kaur Representing US At the UN Human Rights Summit

By: Naureen Kaur I just came back from a week in New York City, and although I am still jet-lagged and recovering, I am truly still on cloud 9 with this whole experience. Many of you have been asking for me to share my experiences at the summit, and I

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