Sikh Doctor Who Treats Hollywood

Dr. Soram Khalsa, featured in The Hollywood Review’s Top Doctors Issue, combines traditional medical practices with acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and vitamin therapies. Because his new patients don’t always understand what integrative medicine is, Dr. Soram Khalsa encourages them to view a video. In it, the 66-year-old turbaned and bewhiskered internist — he

Manchester Sikh Gurdwaras Offer Food And Shelter to People Affected By Terror Attack

Sikh gurdwaras in Manchester are offering shelter to those affected by the deadly terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday. The four nearby Gurdwaras – Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara Educational and Cultural Centre, Gurdwara Sri Guru Harkrisham Sahib, Dasmesh Sikh Temple and Central Gurdwara Manchester Gurudwaras –

The Missing Voice of Sikh Women

By: Jaswinder Kaur (Kalsi) Without a doubt religion and politics cannot be separated in Sikhi or Sikh history. Born out of social inequality, oppression and forced conversion of minorities – a religious and political ideology has indeed been a chief characteristic and driving force of the Sikh panth. What however,

A Chat With Jagmeet Singh

By: Clement Nocos Photographs by: Arkan Zakharov Meet the man who just might be the new face of Canada’s New Democratic Party. Jagmeet Singh looks the way you hope a progressive politician would. Recently, BuzzFeed anointed him the “most stylish politician in Canada by like a million kilometers.” He’s the first turban-wearing

Santa Monica Sikh New Age Group White Sun beats Enya, Vangelis and Others to Win Grammy

By: Randall Roberts The Santa Monica-based trio White Sun has a curious, only-in-L.A. backstory, having been co-founded by Adam Berry, best known in the biz for his four seasons as the music director for the animated show “South Park.” They can add “Grammy-award winning” to that biography. The group bested a competitive field

Sikh Activist Has An Important Message For Muslim Americans

By: Antonia Blumberg Thousands of Americans have taken a stand against anti-Muslim bigotry in recent months ― participating in protests, signing petitions and pledging to join the alleged “Muslim registry” should it come to pass. These actions are critical, but Sikh activist and religion professor Dr. Simran Jeet Singh is proposing another

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