Being a Sovereign Sikh in the Face of Cultural Appropriation and Colonialism

By: Lakhpreet Kaur Austin, TX recently hosted the Austin City Limits Festival, an annual music festival where over 450,000 people flock to our version of Central Park. Blogs and magazines showcased “hip festival wear” and attendees followed suit and put on mehndi, facepaint, Native American Muscogee headdresses, and golden arrow temporary

Lilly Singh Named ‘Next Generation of Leaders’ By Time Magazine

By: Cady Lang For proof of just how creatively Lilly Singh can make a point, look no further than “How to Make a Sandwich.” The five-minute YouTube clip at first seems to be a standard cooking tutorial, with Singh cheerfully offering advice from behind a kitchen counter. Except she’s talking directly to

Your Sword And Your Speech

By: Gurbaksh Singh In 1986, I visited Vancouver on the invitation of the Khalsa Diwan Society, and addressed the Sangat in the Ross street Gurdwara there. The success of the discussion motivated the Gurdwara management to start a regular Sikh heritage class every Saturday for the Canada-born youth. The class

Jagmeet Singh Wins NDP Leadership Race In Canada

Scoring a solid victory in the first round of voting for a new NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh wins NDP leadership to lead the New Democrats into the next federal election in Canada. Jagmeet Singh, the former deputy leader of the Ontario NDP, surprised no one by landing on top of the first ballot when the results

It Is Time For Boys To Be Men

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By: Anonymous Kaur Anonymous Kaur is sick of the expectations that an “ideal wife” should look and act a certain way to be deemed a worthy woman. She is sick of men claiming to support women’s rights and then when push comes to shove, hide away. She is sick of

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